Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Testimonials from anaZana clients

Testimonials from real customers about anaZana
Dr. Juris Bunkis, Co-Owner, Orange County Plastic Surgery -  www.drbunkis.com I can highly recommend Lidija Skolnija and her company, AnaZana, for web site development. I have worked on quite a few web sites over the years but have never found a developer as easy to work with as AnaZana. I met Lidija in her office and she showed me AnaZana’s capabilities and listened to what I wished to accomplish. Approximately a week later, my first two web sites with AnaZana, www.drforsberg.com and www.drbunkis.com were completed to my satisfaction. 

Buck Matoushek, Owner  - http://www.lamesadrivingandtrafficschool.com I highly recommend Anazana for your web site work. I have spent about a year and over $2000 with 2 different organizations to get a new web site. I went thru many problems and did not get what I wanted. I met Lidija & Mick with Anazana thru the East County Chamber of Commerce. They helped me set up a beautiful web site and I can even make changes to the site myself (which is what I wanted all along). They spent time with me showing me how to improve my web site, also. They are fast, efficient and easy to get along with. 

Ilze Ports, Owner - www.wanderingsage.com Thank you for your superior service in establishing my website: Creative, fast and well coordinated. Very good business sense concerning our business needs with good visual information. Our home page received its first order the week after it was established. I highly recommend Anazana.

Antony Chipounov, Owner - http://californiaforrussians.com anazana helps me to go through all labyrinths of my first website. Lidija’s expert advice made my experience less painful than I expected. 

Kirk Texeira, Owner, www.workoutwithkirk.com  Lidija,is incredible I just hired her again. I know that she will do an excellent job. If you are thinking about her team for a project, she will deliver a great result. 

Dr. Donna DiGioia, Owner - http://themarccacademy.com Anazana made the transition of my website from another web company to theirs a seamless process. They were able to clarify many issues that tended to clutter my site and replaced it with a clean and logical solution. Their attention to detail and customer service is of the highest standard. I am happy to have made the decision to work with Anazana and look forward to a continued long term relationship.

Rafid Soro, Owner - http://thepalmsbanquethall.com I love that Anazana has made my website very easy to navigate and appealing to the eye. It has definitely attracted more customers, and we get a lot of online traffic because of Anazana's help. Whenever I have a question, all I have to do is call or email Anazana and they help me right away! I definitely recommend Anazana to anyone who wants a great website!

Debbie Meacham, Owner - http://www.brownsappliance.com Very happy with anaZana. I must get one customer a day saying that they have seen me on my website. Lidija has helped me design my website and took pics for me as I am new to this. I would recommend her to all small business like myself. She is great.

Kathy Malkemus, Owner - http://tlccleanerselcajon.com  I have got several new customers since my website is up. Many of them like to use internet in laundromat while waiting. Also, I am cooperating with anaZana promoting its services in laundromat and helping others to contact anazana and use their services.

Jose L. Gonzalez, Owner, Go My Insurance Center in San Diego - http://gomyinsurancecenter.com Anazana is the best and easiest web site design platform I have ever used. Their technical support has always been available and their chat feature is very convenient. I will never use any other web design platform.

Dr. Michael Martins, Owner - http://casadelosremedios.com When ANAZANA was recommended to me I was skeptical, now I will recommend ANAZANA to anyone who need internet support. Lidija is very professional and great to do business with. It's a pleasure.

Gary Wilson, Owner - http://americanfamilykenpokarate.com - I like anazana. Mick helped me to sign in and to make a website. I had a website before, but to make changes I had to call and ask IT specialist. My website often was with old information. With anazana I can make changes myself at any place where is access to the Internet.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

anaZana's "Website Development In San Diego" Page Launched


We're proud to announce the launch of our new pricing page for website development in San Diego!

Although anaZana is a global company with customers in Latvia and around the world, it's only natural that we would stick to our roots and focus on building connections with businesses in San Diego where our company is based. We've done workshops about ecommerce at Co-Merge Workplace in addition to developing relationships with the Southern California and San Diego small business community.  

Here are a few highlights of our new pricing bundles: