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Web-Developers vs. Webmasters

This is a page where you can contact our anaZana web-developer. We don't refer to them as webmasters, even though they have all the skills needed to be webmaster. Webmaster implies that you have go through  them to administrate your eCommerce site. Administration with the Z is easy, anyone can do it.

Full control of your eCommerce website

AnaZana allows you full control of your site, with easy administration of content, images, videos, audio clips, and events. You no longer have to contact a webmaster and wait until they are ready to update your content. That was so yesterday.

Why do I need an eCommerce web-developer?

With anaZana, you can make an eCommerce site yourself with a small learning curve, although it will take you time and effort. We find that most business owners or entrepreneurs do not wish to spend time away from their activities to learn a new skill-set. They would rather hire a specialist to quickly make their site. However, a small percentage of our clients like the hands-on approach, and do it all themselves. 

What is the cost?

This is determined between you and the developer you choose. Generally speaking, the cost of a normal website begins from $300, and an eCommerce site begins from $600. No job is too difficult for us, the Z-Team can handle any degree of website complexity. 

Again, cost is between you and the developer you choose. After the site is made, you will understand how to administrate the site yourself, and usually have no more need to hire anyone. The only cost after the site is made is $7 dollars a month for hosting, which is the lowest possible cost we can maintain and provide you with reliable hosting services.

Our top web-developers


USA "Z-Team" in San Diego


Languages: English, Latvian, Russian, and Czech

Language: English 

Euro Z-Team in Riga

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