Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our anaZana office in downtown San Diego

Come by and visit sometime...

anaZana, Inc.
330 A Street
San Diego, CA


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Monthly anaZana event in San Diego

Our monthly FREE meeting to learn anaZana is held at 330 A Street, San Diego, CA, 92101 on the 7th of each month at 7pm. 

RSVP is recommended. 

Be sure to bring your laptop, this is a hands-on learning experience.

We help you to sell more online

anaZana User Benefits:

By offering a suite of e-commerce tools and a network anaZana solves a major small business problem: orchestrating different providers for e-commerce website design, hosting, e -mails, and business networks. With anaZana users have control of all processes from their computer so they can focus on increasing online sales. Sellers, buyers, providers, and suppliers inside the anaZana system are also connected so they can discover and utilize many uses of online cooperation. 

anaZana’ s "e-commerce solution" delivers the following user benefits:


Website, e -commerce, hosting, e -mails, domains, databases, analytics, and more. Save time:design an e-commerce website using an anaZana template or hire an anaZana webmaster for it. Either way it is convenient, fast and cost effective.


Order a fully customized e-commerce solution from anaZana.
Save money:services are scaled from free to pricing matched to your business needs. Since we customize, you can upgrade if you want, how you want and when you want.


Help is available 24/7 from anaZana Support Service or more by networking with experienced anaZana users.


Accelerate your sales by marketing goods and services internationally in any language with 
the anaZana Marketplace Shop and the e-commerce network.



anaZana helps small business owners to quickly build and run exciting, 
intuitive and cost effective e-commerce solutions. anaZana also provides 
clients the opportunity to network, commercially or socially , with other 
anaZana users.

Begin using anaZana's e -commerce tools and network today!
Sign up at

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

International Leader-board

Page-views by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

Russia stays on top this week... Поздравляю Россию

United States
United Kingdom

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Zimbabwe and eCommerce

Zimbabwe is more than ready for e-commerce and online shopping

Flag of Zimbabwe

Within five years, I foresee all of Africa being ready for eCommerce. 
This will be a great boon to local merchants and farmers.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

How to increase sales online?

If you own an e commerce website, one of your primary concerns is always going to be how to increase sales. Though the amount of traffic that you can direct to your site is obviously going to play a major role, how your e commerce site is actually designed is equally important.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

SEO is your responsibility

Why SEO matters

Search Engine Optimization is critical for eCommerce sites. Think of this: if you are not will to learn about this, but your online competitor is, who do you think will get the lion's share of the business? 

SEO for eCommerce is a complex topic. Just tackle it one step at a time. A little done each day will work wonders for your incomes.

One book I'm reading right now is called "Convert: designing websites to increase traffic and conversion". Probably required reading for anyone that wants to be the best of the best.

Think of it this way: The good news is that most do not want to do the work of SEO, so competitive advantage is yours for the taking... at least at this early stage of eCommerce in the history of the Internet.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Websites that support growing our eCommerce store

You won't need all of these site, but chances are, you do need a few of them. Think of an online business as any other business: you must compete for market share. Those that treat their eCommerce store as such, generally do much better than the competition.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Charity work

Free website for an organization from India.

As part of my personal charity work, I am offering one free eCommerce site (normally worth $600 or more) designed for a group of low income individuals from India. You must work with the Grameen Foundation to obtain a micro loan for the $7 dollar monthly hosting payments, unless you can come up with this on your own through your group. Once this is accomplished, contact me with the loan guarantee from the Grameen Foundation (or the ability to pay your own hosting), and I will begin to make your site for you. This offer would work well for farmers or crafts persons.

Your group will also need Internet access. Either through an Internet cafe , Library, or however it is done in India. If your group has it's own Internet access point, this is probably best. Looking forward to hearing from you. And I wish you the best in your efforts to rise out of poverty.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Virtual discounts for our services

Discount coupons handed out in San Diego

This is the coupon we hand out to businesses in San Diego. Even so, if you find this discount on the Internet, you can use it virtually from where ever you are in the world. 

(for now, I'm uploading images taken from my iPhone. Later, I'll replace with the original artwork for clarity)

(click on image for larger view)

This discount will last for as long as we wish it to. Obviously,if we are overwhelmed with work, the discount will either vanish, or be good for those that want to wait in line. Enjoy.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

International Leader-board

 Germany moves up into third place for the first time. 

Flag of Germany

India moves into forth place ahead of Latvia for the first time.

Flag of India

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
1) USA
2) Россия
3) Deutschland
4) भारत
5) Latvija
6) France
7) Brasil
8) България
9) Canada
10) República Dominicana

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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Z affiliate program

Marketing Partners in anaZana

While some marketing partners (MPs) are using anaZana to create passive incomes. It can and does create passive incomes, provided one is willing to do the work required to generate incomes.

Think of the anaZana affiliate program as being similar to owning shares that pay dividends, without owning shares!  

We define an MP as an anaZana partner that actively invites others to use the system. Our two top MPs have made over $2000 usd and $900 usd in a year. This might not sound like a lot, but remember, they will continue to earn $1 dollar each month for every person they invited into anaZana that publishes their site. While it might take 15 minutes or more to find and invite one partner, and even longer for them to publish their site, if someone in their organization publishes for a year, you earn $12. And you earn this every year they continue to publish.


  • The first year they earn only $12 dollars an hour.
  • The second year, they earn $24 dollars for that initial hour of work.
  • The third year, $36 dollars...
  • The fourth year, add another $12 dollars, which makes $48 dollars for an hour of work done four years ago. 

Not only that, but many people that publish one website, will go on to publish another one, or multiple sites. 

Now the numbers increase!
  • The first year they earn $12.
  • In the second year, this person publishes another site.Now this MP earns the original $12 for their hour of work, plus $24 dollars for two sites published, making $36 dollars the second year!
  • in the third year, add another $24 to equal $60 total, for an hour of work that was done three years ago


  • Year 1: 100 paying customers in your organization (through invitations, and another method I will reveal in a new blog), you could earn $1,200 dollars the first year  
  • Year 2: 100 more paying customers
    $2,400 for the year, $3,600 total
  • Year 3: 100 more paying customers
    $3,600 for the year, $4,800 total
  • Year 4: 100 more paying customers
    $4,800 for the year, $9,600 total
  • Year 5: 100 more paying customers
    $6,000 for the year, $15,600 total, etc.... 
If you choose to become an anaZana web-developer, you can charge $300 dollars or more for each site, depending upon the work load involved. That's more than $150,000 in additional incomes in five years. .

It is not difficult to become an  anaZana web-developer, it just takes time to learn. Most people in business (90%+) do not want to make their own site: they want it made for them! Some of the sites we make are $500, $1,000 or more. Don't worry if you cannot handle advanced web programming: you can hire a programmer or HTML designer on Elance.

Keep in mind, these numbers DO NOT include the additional incomes from the percentage of users that will publish multiple websites.   

Keep working this plan for five years, and you will have a nice residual income for many years to come. $15,600 divided by 500 customers equals $31.20 an hour for work done. Not bad incomes in today's economy. Very good in fact.

Future implementations: There are other avenues of income for MPs in the works, that will be added to the anaZana platform, that I cannot reveal at this time. It will increase your incomes immensely.

All of the above numbers are conservative.

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Passive incomes using anaZana

Making passive incomes in anaZana

An eCommerce website may be just what you need for making money online. Have you tried MLM and failed? Are you still looking for passive incomes online? AnaZana has what you are looking for. This is the concept of partner sharing. It includes an MLM mechanic, but is not MLM; in the same way that a game mechanic is not a game, an MLM mechanic is NOT MLM. Get it? Really? Now anaZana eCommerce websites have the proper tools to make money online. An affiliate program one MLM mechanic:

Our affiliate program can be thought of like owning dividend shares in a company without owning the shares: you still get the dividends. Ask Jim Cramer, dividends are one of the most attractive aspects of stock ownership. Think of your efforts to recruit new anaZana members as owning shares of "stock", that never changes the dividend, it's always the same! And you can't lose the "stock" if the market moves against you. Yeah, I've done that: watched as a WAMUQ went all the way to zero. Hurts, doesn't it?

Here's how it's done

1) Invite someone into the system.
2) Help them to create a website they are proud to show the world.
3) Collect monthly or yearly incomes when they publish (Real money in your pocket).
4) Scale this process over time, and earn more and more.

Forget about making money fast online. To do so holds the same promise of winning the lottery. Earning passive income with anaZana is something you can actually accomplish. It will take work, but the work is generally pleasant and satisfactory.

To be clear, anaZana is not an MLM opportunity, although some treat it as such. I have access to internal records at anaZana (proprietary, I cannot publish them, sorry). One marketing partner has made over $800 dollars in one year of effort, while the top marketing partner has made over $2000 dollars in one year.

Okay, maybe that doesn't sound like much. This is money they earned while they worked, and every month thereafter while they slept. And the amount will undoubtedly grow exponentially (to a point, this is NOT a pyramid scheme) as they grow their organization.

At the rate these folks are growing their incomes, within five years they will have a nice addition to their retirement accounts. Or travel the world, or whatever they wish. They will have some additional freedom in life.

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Erase poverty, one website at a time

How can poverty be erased in poor countries?

Generally speaking, poor people in developing countries cannot afford an internet connection, let alone a computer. So how can people that need to make money the most, benefit from the online eCommerce revolution? By using anaZana.

Here's the plan. 

A group of people, group together to form a small business. They pool their money to gain internet access (a library or an Internet cafe is fine). If they don't have enough money, they might be able to get a micro loan in some areas of the world. They create an anaZana account, and make their eCommerce site. A group of 25 people could each sell many items each, for only $7 US dollars a month. Money earned for each product could be apportioned to each farmer that sold something. In this way, their group could eventually earn enough to purchase a computer and a high speed Internet access of their own. 

Wouldn't you rather purchase your coffee direct from the farmer? Or soap? Or clothing? This would be a win-win for everyone. Eliminate the middle men, purchase coffee direct from the growing online, get a better price for local items, and give the producers sustainable incomes that are fair.

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Amazon eCommerce? Or anaZana eCommerce?

Why choose anaZana over Amazon for your eCommerce needs? 

Consider this choice between eCommerce stores:

Amazon can be thought of like Costco. 

If you sell you products on Amazon, be prepared to sell a huge amount of inventory, for a very small profit margin. Amazon is great for what it is.
Costco revenues in green
Costco profit margin in blue

Think of anaZana like your own store.

Keep control of your inventory and your profit margin. Choose anaZana instead.

Join the eCommerce revolution!

NOTE: There are other reasons you want to use anaZana instead of Amazon, although I cannot tell you what they are yet... stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is the easiest eCommerce website solution really for you?

When designing a platform for eCommerce websites...

A design team has choices to make. 

1) Make eCommerce websites easy for the masses to make? This option loses powerful options! Websites are limited.

2) Make eCommerce websites a bit more difficult to make, and maintain a powerful solution. Websites are unlimited. 

We made anaZana as easy as it can be, without sacrificing SEO and keeping the powerful options to create what you want.

anaZana has a short learning curve (an hour or two for most), and in return you get a much more powerful website. To flex your web presence muscle, you need the base that anaZana provides. 

Yes, you can get a 'vanilla' website builder, but no, it won't be as powerful as anaZana. "Get the power of the Z" (copyright 2012). Use anaZana instead.

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Choose your own fonts?

Why it's best NOT to choose your own fonts

With a few exceptions, you should use the fonts built into the anaZana template (this also applies to the blank template). This is because there are certain fonts that are universally read the same way on various browsers. 

If you choose your own fonts, you run the risk of odd effects in different browsers: your site will not look professional. 

If you do use specialized fonts, do so only on a limited basis, within a confined area of your site. Still, this is risky. 

The best way to use a specialized font, is to use an image instead of true fonts. This will show up the same way on all browsers. Remember to name your image properly, or search engines will not be able to register it for SEO purposes.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is one of the most important tutorials.

Learn this: when you copy and paste text from another site, to include on your own site, do NOT simply paste the text into an editing area. IT WILL NOT WORK.

Each template is set up with specific fonts that make the site harmonious. If you paste text from another site into these areas, you will have a bad looking site.

Below is an example: I copied the text from a site I had on another hosting service. Notice the white areas? That is part of the html code I copied from my former website.

(Click on the image for full size)

Click the pencil icon to open the editor. 
Then, click "Paste as Plain Text" to  add text from another website 

Paste your text HERE. Then click "Insert"

Save the block. Now look at our text: the white lines have vanished. 

Now it is a simple matter or formatting the text the way you like it, and everything will turn out beautifully. Your font and formatting are now a pleasant fit, not a hodge-podge of various stray HTML codes. 

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