Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is the easiest eCommerce website solution really for you?

When designing a platform for eCommerce websites...

A design team has choices to make. 

1) Make eCommerce websites easy for the masses to make? This option loses powerful options! Websites are limited.

2) Make eCommerce websites a bit more difficult to make, and maintain a powerful solution. Websites are unlimited. 

We made anaZana as easy as it can be, without sacrificing SEO and keeping the powerful options to create what you want.

anaZana has a short learning curve (an hour or two for most), and in return you get a much more powerful website. To flex your web presence muscle, you need the base that anaZana provides. 

Yes, you can get a 'vanilla' website builder, but no, it won't be as powerful as anaZana. "Get the power of the Z" (copyright 2012). Use anaZana instead.

Join the eCommerce revolution!


Anonymous said...

I fully agree! Look at their e-stores,, or websites,,,,

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