Sunday, August 12, 2012

How multiple websites can boost your eCommerce efforts and increase sales

Multiple websites can increase sales

One strategy I've learned from having a bird's eye view of the anaZana solution (because I'm an owner, and have access to proprietary statistics), is that as a company grows, they tend to publish more websites.

Why would they create more eCommerce sites?

Niche marketing can bring more sales. Say for instance, you sell real estate. Are you depending upon you site provided by your Realtor? If so, I can assure you, you are losing a LOT of money! Here's why... you have a 'vanilla' site which all the other agents in your company also have. The only way to get ranked higher in Google is through your own networking efforts. This is not bad, it is just limited. 

Now consider this: you now have two more sites (using anaZana of course!), and they say roughly the same thing as your vanilla site does, only they are more focused on particular areas of your business, and they have different keywords and meta tags. You could have one site covering styles of homes you offer. Another for a particular market segment. You get the idea. 

The result? Your market exposure now increases many fold. If you sell only one extra home a year using this technique, isn't the seven dollar a month cost per website worth it? You bet. 

Join the eCommerce revolution!

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