Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Is it time to LEVEL UP your eCommerce website?

In digital games, leveling up happens when you get better at what you do. You earn experience points (XP), and when you are skilled enough, you get to level up. It's a good feeling. Everyone wants to level up.

With anaZana, our tier pricing can be thought of as leveling up. For instance, you start off with a self-made eCommerce website, and sell your service or product, and become more successful. At some point, you are going to want to level up.

There are two ways to level up with anaZana. The first is to purchase a higher monthly payment tier. (NOTE: As of this writing, our payment tier is under construction, and will be released soon). Here is an example of one of our competitor's pricing tier structure...

One competitor's pricing tier structure

As we roll our our pricing tier over the next few weeks, the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels will also be lower, with the Diamond level (or whatever we decide to call it :) 

A savings of $1330+ per year. Think about that. That's money in your profit margin!

So when it's time to level up (and if you are in business, that time will come sooner or later), level up with anaZana, and save!

The second way is to hire our professional web-designers to make an improved site. Image is everything on the Net, and you want to be 'dressed' as well as possible to make a good impression. Yes, you can start quite well with a free site that you design. No, you cannot grow forever on your own efforts, unless you happen to be a professional web-designer, keeping up with the latest web technologies which are rapidly evolving. 

Join the eCommerce revolution!

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