Thursday, August 23, 2012

SEO is your responsibility

Why SEO matters

Search Engine Optimization is critical for eCommerce sites. Think of this: if you are not will to learn about this, but your online competitor is, who do you think will get the lion's share of the business? 

SEO for eCommerce is a complex topic. Just tackle it one step at a time. A little done each day will work wonders for your incomes.

One book I'm reading right now is called "Convert: designing websites to increase traffic and conversion". Probably required reading for anyone that wants to be the best of the best.

Think of it this way: The good news is that most do not want to do the work of SEO, so competitive advantage is yours for the taking... at least at this early stage of eCommerce in the history of the Internet.

Join the eCommerce revolution!

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