Saturday, August 4, 2012

Comparison of two eCommerce website affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a proven way to make money on the Internet

Here is the affiliate program of one of our competitors: 

Another term for 'subscription' in this case is 'hosting fees'. They are one and the same, no matter the name.

It's not a bad deal. The problem is you only earn this money one time. Once you are paid, that's it, over, end of story. Time to earn some more using more of your own efforts. 

anaZana's program is better

Let's take a look at the anaZana partnership program, and see why it is superior, and why you will make more money over time using it.

(NOTE: this is not approved by the board, but it most likely will be soon)

One possible payout program is this:

7, 28, 70, 126, 189 (We have the $7 dollar program now)

$7 subscription = $1 per month in your pocket, $12 dollars per year
(Remember, above is what we offer right now, below is a payout we will most likely offer soon)
$28 subscription = $ 4 per month in your pocket, $48 dollars per year
$70 subscription = $7 per month in your pocket, $84 dollars per year
$126 subscription = $18 dollars per month, $216  per year
$189 subscription = $27 dollars per month, $324 per year

You can see, that our competitor pays you more the first year...
LOOK! We pay you year after year after year, in fact, every year that someone keeps their site published with anaZana, you make money! You do the work ONCE, and get paid year after year. This is called passive incomes. Passive incomes are powerful. 

How does this work out? 

Take a look: 

If you earn $735 once with our competitor over one year, you make $360 with anaZana. Sounds bad doesn't it? Not really!

Take a look: in year two, you earn $0 from our competitors, but make another $360 with the anaZana affiliate program. Now you almost break even with our competitor at $720.

It gets better: in year three, you earn another $360 from anaZana, but another big fat ZERO from our competitor. Now you have earned $1080 from your anaZana account.

Year four: $1440

Year ten: $3,600 dollars! Try getting a return like that from stocks or the banks! Keep in mind, I did not figure in the $189 tier: add another $3240 to make $6,840 dollars in year 10. 

So what do you want? $720 once, or $6,840 over ten years? 

Are you starting to think about extra incomes for retirement? You should be. With anaZana, it's entirely possible. Stay tuned, I will release news of our finalized affiliate program soon.

Join the eCommerce revolution!

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