Friday, August 17, 2012

The Z affiliate program

Marketing Partners in anaZana

While some marketing partners (MPs) are using anaZana to create passive incomes. It can and does create passive incomes, provided one is willing to do the work required to generate incomes.

Think of the anaZana affiliate program as being similar to owning shares that pay dividends, without owning shares!  

We define an MP as an anaZana partner that actively invites others to use the system. Our two top MPs have made over $2000 usd and $900 usd in a year. This might not sound like a lot, but remember, they will continue to earn $1 dollar each month for every person they invited into anaZana that publishes their site. While it might take 15 minutes or more to find and invite one partner, and even longer for them to publish their site, if someone in their organization publishes for a year, you earn $12. And you earn this every year they continue to publish.


  • The first year they earn only $12 dollars an hour.
  • The second year, they earn $24 dollars for that initial hour of work.
  • The third year, $36 dollars...
  • The fourth year, add another $12 dollars, which makes $48 dollars for an hour of work done four years ago. 

Not only that, but many people that publish one website, will go on to publish another one, or multiple sites. 

Now the numbers increase!
  • The first year they earn $12.
  • In the second year, this person publishes another site.Now this MP earns the original $12 for their hour of work, plus $24 dollars for two sites published, making $36 dollars the second year!
  • in the third year, add another $24 to equal $60 total, for an hour of work that was done three years ago


  • Year 1: 100 paying customers in your organization (through invitations, and another method I will reveal in a new blog), you could earn $1,200 dollars the first year  
  • Year 2: 100 more paying customers
    $2,400 for the year, $3,600 total
  • Year 3: 100 more paying customers
    $3,600 for the year, $4,800 total
  • Year 4: 100 more paying customers
    $4,800 for the year, $9,600 total
  • Year 5: 100 more paying customers
    $6,000 for the year, $15,600 total, etc.... 
If you choose to become an anaZana web-developer, you can charge $300 dollars or more for each site, depending upon the work load involved. That's more than $150,000 in additional incomes in five years. .

It is not difficult to become an  anaZana web-developer, it just takes time to learn. Most people in business (90%+) do not want to make their own site: they want it made for them! Some of the sites we make are $500, $1,000 or more. Don't worry if you cannot handle advanced web programming: you can hire a programmer or HTML designer on Elance.

Keep in mind, these numbers DO NOT include the additional incomes from the percentage of users that will publish multiple websites.   

Keep working this plan for five years, and you will have a nice residual income for many years to come. $15,600 divided by 500 customers equals $31.20 an hour for work done. Not bad incomes in today's economy. Very good in fact.

Future implementations: There are other avenues of income for MPs in the works, that will be added to the anaZana platform, that I cannot reveal at this time. It will increase your incomes immensely.

All of the above numbers are conservative.

Join the eCommerce revolution!

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