Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Welcome Vietnam

Vietnam is new to the viewership. Welcome Vietnam!  

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Professional sales person needed for San Diego area.

Professional sales person needed for San Diego area

AnaZana is growing, even in this economy. That means sales opportunities for you. People need eCommerce websites! You can make $4000 a month finding them. Call or respond in comments to make an appointment with Mick and Lidija in our downtown office. 619-729-3274

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Gamification elements in anaZana

Gamification for anaZana eCommerce websites

Gamification is the use of game elements within a non-game environment. Such elements are used for the benefit of anaZana users, increasing engagement, fun, and learning. AnaZana will never use gamification elements in an unethical fashion. Any benefits to anaZana will be a byproduct of benefits for the end-user.

Such elements include points, badges, social networking, and leader-boards. The international leader-board used in this blog is an example of a simple gamification element. Gamification elements within anaZana are currently under construction.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Easy HTML for your eCommerce site

Using HTML can improve your site dramatically.

 With PageBreeze, a free html editor, you can use HTML even if you don't know code. It has an easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). You can be up and running after reading one short page of instructions.

(Click on image to enlarge) 

Once you understand it, go into your anaZana account, edit a website, click on a pencil icon, go to the HTML section, and insert it there. EZ!

(Click on image to enlarge)

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Robots and eCommerce

Got Robot?
eCommerce comes of age.

If your eCommerce store grows large enough, you might need robots someday. Check out this interesting video from CNBC

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Testimonials from happy anaZana eCommerce website users

Testimonials on the effectiveness of an anaZana eCommerce site

Debbie Meacham

"Very happy with anaZana, I must get one customer a day saying they have seen me on my website. Lidija has helped me design my website and took pics for me as I am new to this I would recommend her to all small businesses like my own. She is great!"

More testimonials here.

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Testimonials from happy anaZana eCommerce website users

Testimonials of the effectiveness of an anaZana eCommerce website

Buck Matoushek, owner of La Mesa Driving and Traffic School,USA

 "I highly recommend anaZana for your web site work.

I have spent about a year and over $2000 with 2 different organizations to get a new web site. I went through many problems and did not get what I wanted.

I am a Board Member of the Driving School Association of California. I contacted them and told them to put on my new website. The person that does that is in the web building business. When he saw my new web site, he said it was VERY GOOD. Thanks to the anaZana team for all your help. I highly recommend them."

More testimonials here.

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International Leader-board

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

After the first three weeks of this blog, readership by country breaks down into the following percentage. We thank all our readers in each country. 

United States   50.65%
Россия              23.80%
Latvija                11.61%
France                 3.48%
Deutschland        1.88%
Brazil                    0.72%
Canada                0.58%
Australia               0.43%
Switzerland          0.29%

(This will be update once a month until a statistical norm is established)

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Target market of anaZana: How to earn a living online

Earning a living online, using anaZana

Earning a living online using anaZana is entirely possible. I know, I am in transition from working for others, to working for myself online. Here's how I do it, and how you can too. 

Ninety percent of anaZana users do not make their own site. Even though anaZana is more powerful that other platforms, it takes a small learning curve to master. So 10% percent of our users actually make their own site. They have the time. They like creativity. They like the process. This 10% percent can actually benefit from this post. They have most of the skills needed already.

Therefore, one target market of anaZana is people that have some creative website skills (photoshop, basic html, and general multimedia skills), and they want to make money using these skills creating websites for the 90% that hires someone to make their site.

Anyone can develop the skills needed to make websites for others using the anaZana platform, it is far easier to use than website creation software. For instance, I was horrible using Dreamweaver or FrontPage to create a site, yet could easily do so using anaZana.

Step 1)

Learn how to use anaZana. This is free. If you want personalized help from me in learning the platform, sign up here.

Step 2) Marketing skills

What you need are some basic online marketing skills. Finding customers is your first step. Do not worry, anyone can learn how to market online. James Hickey has some great videos for this on YouTube. This is a new skill-set that few possess.

My solution is to hire a professional marketer, because I like to make websites, but do not like to market. I split the profits with my marketer, even though I do a lot more work than he does. He goes from business to business in person to market, so this is one more option for you too. Although I am working on an automated marketing solution online... it is the best way to work.

Step 3)

Agree with them on a solution. A basic info site in San Diego, is currently sold for $300 dollars. Once you get good at using anaZana, this will take you a few hours to make, $25 to $100 dollars an hour for your work is typical. A basic eCommerce site in San Diego is $600. The same incomes apply, as an eCommerce site generally takes more time to put together: products or services must be placed and uploaded. Although this is easy to do, using the anaZana platform. It was built around the concept of eCommerce. Most of the sites you make will be eCommerce sites. I collect 25 to 50% up front to start a website project. NEVER start a project without a deposit. Lots of people will have you working for them, and never pay you a cent over time. Big waste. 

Step 4)

Create the site. Present it to your client for feedback. Make the changes. Finalize the agreement and collect the final payment. 

Final thoughts

You will no doubt get orders for sites that are too difficult for your skill-set. This is not a problem. For instance, you get an order for a site that requires a bit of programming, or special design work. Simply contact our support team and ask how much the specific requirements will cost. Add that amount to the final cost of the website. Easy. So anyone at any level of website development competence can make any size or complexity of eCommerce site with teamwork. And you thought you did not have a website development team? 

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How to properly pronounce "anaZana"

Before anaZana existed...

When we began the anaZana project, we needed a name for our URL. I spent about three hours using Wordle, mixing random letters I typed on a blank word document and Lorem Ipsum in order to find a new word that would be memorable and unique.

Up came the word anaZana by chance, and the name was accepted by the team. We got lucky, someone that owned the anazana.com URL had allowed it to lapse that very day, and we got it.

People in Europe tend to pronounce it properly, but people in the US tend to pronounce it with a bastardized sound. I suppose I have no one to blame for this, as I never branded the sound properly. Today that changes. From this day forth, there will no longer be an excuse to speak the special word improperly, but to say it with the full power it was meant to have.

Wayne Dyer shared a mantra with the syllables 'ah' and 'om'. Maybe in the book "You'll see it when you believe it", although I cannot recall for sure. "Ah" as Dr. Dyer said, is a creative sound of the universe from the Sanskrit, full of power to change your life. "Ahhhhhhhhhh Ommmmmm". The "ah" sound  is full in the word anaZana. Like this: ah-nah-zah-nah. So anaZana can even be a mantra! :)

So please everyone, don't say "an-a-zan-a". It really sounds so lame. Say instead a word that is full of power: Ahhhhhhh-Naaaaaaah-Zaaaaaaah-Naaaaah...

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

To mobilize or not to mobilize, that is the question...

Thinking about mobilizing your eCommerce website? 

It may not be necessary. I recently purchased a tablet, and the screen clarity is better than my 17inch laptop. Spending time mobilizing your eCommerce shop may be a waste of time, considering how fast technology is advancing. What's your take?

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How to add site search to an eCommerce website

According to many experts, a website search function is important for all the following reasons: 

Improved sales. Effective site search means better usability, so customers can find things more quickly. This can translate into higher sales, as customers who find what they are looking for easily are more likely to make a purchase, while site search also offers opportunities for merchandising.
Higher conversion rates. More intuitive search and navigation means higher conversion rates.
Increased site usage. A better user experience means that customers are more likely to spend more time on the site, and can boost the number of registrations and return visits.
Improved customer retention and loyalty. More loyalty as customers know they can find products more easily.

Google offers a custom search engine for your site, for a price. It starts at $100 for 20,000 searches a year, if memory serves correct. 

Does anyone know of a free option for eCommerce entrepreneurs? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bug fix

We do our best to fix bugs ASAP

anaZana experienced a brief programming glitch today in during US time, but it was fixed within a few hours. Kudos to our team in Riga that was able to find and fix the issue so quickly!

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International Leader-board

Page views from countries continue to change.  I imagine eventually a dominant top ten will stabilize, and I'll not have to update this list every week! :)

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

  1. United States retakes the number one spot  
  2. Россия находится на втором месте ...
  3. Latvija paliek trešajā vietā
  4. Deutschland an vierter Stelle
  5. भारत के नंबर पांच की स्थिति में
  6. Australia in sixth place
  7. Canada in seventh place
  8. Schweiz Suisse Svizzera #8
  9. Bienvenue France
  10. The UK make the top ten this week. 

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Sales professionals needed

Independent sales contractors needed for our growing company.

Our product and service is the creation and hosting of eCommerce websites. Our clients love their product and their service.

Work and Qualifications:

You  find customers and introduce them to us. You will sell and agree on price. We meet them in our beautiful downtown office, and take deposits and agree on final price.
How you find clients is entirely up to you: social media, outdoor sales, you name it. As a sales professional, you are in control of where and when you work. Total flexibility. Hence, this work requires a degree of self-motivation and an entrepreneurial spirit. You have to want to make money to be successful in this work. That said, it is realistic to make $4,000 a month working full or part time to start. After you grow your reputation, and start getting referrals, you can make far more. This will take time and business savvy.


Irrelevant, although a degree in multimedia or knowledge of websites and multimedia is helpful. Please make an account with http://www.anazana.com and become conversant with our product.

Length of position:

This work will last at least two years, and possibly much longer.


Sales compensation is in your favor. Why? We want to grow our business as fast as possible. We think the best way to do this is to motivate you with the highest possible commissions. You get half of the profit of every sale. When you procure a $300 dollar website site, you get $150. A $600 eCommerce site nets you $300. A $2000 eCommerce website nets $1000. No job too big. Custom sites require team work. You will get half of the profit left over after hiring team programmers and designers. You are responsible to file your own taxes. There is also passive income that you will be generating: $1 a month for every published site your help to generate. You can make %100 percent commission, if you make the website yourself, using our platform. Be advised, this is more work that selling the site, and you will likely make more money concentrating on sales. However, if you find making websites to be enjoyable creative work, this is an option for you. Money is paid after successful website completion. Passive incomes are paid after the site is published.


Mick Malkemus Cell: 619-729-3274
Lidija Skolnija Cell: 619-729-8386
anaZana Inc.
330 A Street
San Diego, CA

Not in San Diego? No problem. This opportunity can extend to any part of the world using Skype: mick.malkemus

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

eCommerce, health, and exercise

eCommerce, health, and exercise

Do not fall into the trap of thinking you can sit in front of the computer eight hours at a time, marketing, responding to emails, calling business contacts, conducting virtual meetings, tending to legal matters, etc., etc., and remain healthy. It cannot be done. Once every 50 minutes, get up, move around, drink a glass of water, exercise. This must be done. If you miss an hour, spend twenty minutes away from the screen. Move. 

Yes, you can sacrifice your life in front of the computer hoping to get the competitive edge in eCommerce, but what does that help if you lose your health in the process of trying to earn a fortune? Unhealthy rich people can be the weakest excuse to live another day. Better to have your health, even if it takes a few more years to earn your share of the limited material resources on the planet. Your share. 

When anaZana began, the owners sat down for about three months and discussed what company values should be. It all boils down to values. Values that create balance in life. So do yourself a favor. Even though eCommerce can be extremely exciting, and gives you enough positive reinforcement to keep you going for hours on end... step out of the eCommerce world for 10 minutes every hour. Don't die of "sitting disease" while building your eCommerce empire. Stop and smell the roses.

I enjoy yoga, weight lifting, total gym, and running barefoot. Whatever your enjoy, get to it. The time you spend away from the computer, will actually make the time you spend in front of it much more productive, and enjoyable. 

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Administration language of anaZana eCommerce websites

Administrative languages of anaZana eCommerce websites

Currently, anaZana administration is in English, Russian, and Latvian. Latvian admittedly has a very limited use, yet we began in Latvia, and that is why Latvian is one of the main administrative languages. Our platform is used in over two hundred schools in Latvia as a part of our charity work

English and Russian 

are spoken all around the world, so we hope you can get by for now with one of these major languages. The future will bring other administrative languages. Which is the next language we should implement? Leave your choice in the comments area.

Sorry, I do not speak Russian or Latvian. If you speak either, and would like to translate any of this post, please do so in comments. I don't want to butcher your language on Google Translate. 

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anaZana: International currencies in the eCommerce website

It's easy to use international currencies in the anaZana eCommerce website platform. Here's a brief international currency tutorial.

Please post any comments or questions.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Z Designers can apply now

Make money online

Are you a designer that is skilled using the anaZana platform to make websites with? Contact me at mick.malkemus at anazana dot com to submit your portfolio. If your work is of professional quality, we will include you on the "Z Designers" page. All work must be done using the anaZana platform. Thanks!

BTW, Only ten designers will be featured on the "Z Designers" page, and  staying on the page is subject to competitive production. The Designers that maintain the highest number of published sites will retain the top ten positions. All other designers will also be included in a list that is without photos. 

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Make money online... the old fashioned way.

How to earn money online with anaZana eCommerce websites

There used to be a commercial on TV: "We make money the old fashioned way... we earn it." Making money online using anaZana is the same as any other way to make money (honestly), you must earn it.

AnaZana is a vehicle, and a good one. You must still drive it to go anywhere. It is rather pleasant work though, so that's the good news. Yes, you have to work to make money, but the work can be fun!

There are several ways to make money using anaZana.

1) Set up an eCommerce website to sell your goods, or market your services or both.
2) Make websites for those that have not the time or the inclination.
3) Collect passive incomes over time.

Let's take them one at a time. 

1) Set up an eCommerce website

It's a fact, more and more people are opting to purchase from the Internet rather than get in their car and spend gas and time going shopping. Setting up an eCommerce site in anaZana is relatively easy to do. Even those that are not technically minded can do it with a few hours of learning and doing. Get started now. Go to anaZana, sign up, and dive in. If you think you will need free help from me, sign up for a free anaZana account here.

2) If you are a designer or webmaster, you will love our anaZana system for one of your main tools to create eCommerce websites for your clients. 

You can charge from $300 for an info site, or from $600 for an eCommerce site. NOTE: if a client wants their own payment system on their site, add an extra $500. Most clients use the options we provide, so this usually is not necessary. Go to anaZana and sign up. The tools there are already familiar to designers and webmasters. Your leaning curve will be very minimal. PHP programmers love our solution.

3) There is a mechanic that allows you to invite users into the system, and make passive incomes. 

It's not a lot. Only a dollar a month for each paying user in your organization. It's not easy work for most. It takes specialized marketing skills. Nevertheless, it is being done by several of our anaZana users, and they are making money while they sleep. A few people find it to be very easy and enjoyable work. Even a homeless person could start doing this, with a library computer terminal for free. Start a business for free. Think about that...

Any questions?

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New streamlined functionality in anaZana

eCommerce made easier

Looking for a world class eCommerce solution for a bargain basement price? Try anaZana, for free.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SEO in the anaZana eCommerce website solution

SEO in anaZana  

Search engine optimization is using proper metatags, proper key words in your text, linking to other relevant sites, and using Google Analytics to find out how effective your site is (so you can improve SEO). Register for an account with Google Analytics. Once you have your Google Analytics Code, follow the step in the image below.

(Click on image for larger version)

SEO Made Simple (Second Edition): Strategies For Dominating The World's Largest Search Engine

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