Monday, July 16, 2012

The anaZana shopping cart

The anaZana shopping cart for eCommerce websites

How to add a product to anaZana shop?

To publish your products to anaZana shop:

1. Add a product to your website.
2. Choose product to publish and click "Edit product".
3. Specify "Keyword" and "Vendor".
4. Check the "Publish to" box.
5. Save product block settings.

  • Your product will appear in anaZana shop immediately.
  • You can add several keywords for one product.
  • "Vendor" appears in anaZana shop. When you specify "Keyword" and "Vendor" and publish your products to anaZana shop, you can search for products by e-shop name or vendor.
If you have any questions, post below. I am happy to help.

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