Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The anaZana eCommerce solution

Making an eCommerce website with anaZana is easy. 

First for the blog, then a visual tutorial to get you started.... You will click on the link below for that...

It is easy to make an effective eCommerce solution using anaZana. We know this not by our own self-aggrandizement, but by the feedback we get from PHP programmers, website developers, and designers. In fact, many developers and designers are beginning to use anaZana as one of their tools to make eCommerce sites, and in some cases, their main tool. We are proud of our platform which is finding such professional acceptance.

Why do you need the anaZana eCommerce solution?

1) Ease of administration. You never need to wait for a webmaster to change content.
2) Affordability. You can make the site for free yourself, or hire one of our webmasters to make it for you. Cost of a basic custom design is only $300 ($50 off if you mention this post). Hosting is only $7 dollars a month. Compare this to other eCommerce solutions out there, and you will understand the extreme value of our product.
3) Ease of making an online storefront. (Soon, I will be demonstrating how anaZana is far superior to other solutions out there).
4) Professional look.

Tutorial: How to make an eCommerce site using anaZana

Join the eCommerce revolution!


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Share a short video tutorial, please.

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