Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SEO in the anaZana eCommerce website solution

SEO in anaZana  

Search engine optimization is using proper metatags, proper key words in your text, linking to other relevant sites, and using Google Analytics to find out how effective your site is (so you can improve SEO). Register for an account with Google Analytics. Once you have your Google Analytics Code, follow the step in the image below.

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SEO Made Simple (Second Edition): Strategies For Dominating The World's Largest Search Engine

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Mick Malkemus, CBO said...

Dear Anonymous, you are quite welcome.

I suggest you make an additional site using the anaZana solution. Part of an effective overall strategy for being competitive on the web is having multiple websites, all of them having a slightly different focus. In your case, that might be houses in a particular neighborhood or in a particular price range or even style. We have clients that have 30 websites, all of them focused on a different portion of their business. Niche marketing can really boost your incomes. For the price of an additional website in anaZana (less than a few cups of coffee a month), you can appreciably increase your sales. Who wouldn't want that?

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Mick Malkemus, MS said...

RGV Realty is an interesting site, clean. Consider making a similar site in anaZana, which is designed for optimal SEO. I understand your site might be optimally configured. My point is this, multiple websites on different servers can increase your web exposure and profits. If you find your profits have leveled off, it's time to make another site and make more profits. One of our clients has over 30 sites. His house is like a castle. Word to the wise...

Mick Malkemus, MS said...

homes for sale in edinburg tx,

I see that your site is a cookie cutter site, just like RGV Realty. This is okay, although you are getting lost in the crowd. I recommend you make a similar site in anaZana, and increase your exposure and profits. We have many people using this strategy, because it works: multiple websites can make multiple steams of income.