Saturday, July 7, 2012

How poor people in developing countries can make money online.

How can poverty be erased in poor countries?

Generally speaking, poor people in developing countries cannot afford an internet connection, let alone a computer. So how can people that need to make money the most, benefit from the online eCommerce revolution? By using anaZana.

Here's the plan. 

A group of people, group together to form a small business. They pool their money to gain internet access (a library or an Internet cafe is fine). If they don't have enough money, they might be able to get a micro loan in some areas of the world. They create an anaZana account, and make their eCommerce site. A group of 25 people could each sell many items each, for only $7 US dollars a month. Money earned for each product could be apportioned to each farmer that sold something. In this way, their group could eventually earn enough to purchase a computer and a high speed Internet access of their own. 

Wouldn't you rather purchase your coffee direct from the farmer? Or soap? Or clothing? This would be a win-win for everyone. Eliminate the middle men, purchase coffee direct from the growing online, get a better price for local items, and give the producers sustainable incomes that are fair.

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Mick Malkemus, CBO said...

Cash sucking websites??? If I may, that sounds like a scam to me, no offence intended. There is simply no ethical way to create huge sums of cash quickly on the Internet. Anyone that believes this, is going to make con artists rich, and lose their hard earned money.

The purpose of anaZana is to help people create effective eCommerce stores, not to "suck cash". Although if someone is able to build their eCommerce business to a very lucrative level over time using sound business techniques, more power to them!