Sunday, July 22, 2012

eCommerce, health, and exercise

eCommerce, health, and exercise

Do not fall into the trap of thinking you can sit in front of the computer eight hours at a time, marketing, responding to emails, calling business contacts, conducting virtual meetings, tending to legal matters, etc., etc., and remain healthy. It cannot be done. Once every 50 minutes, get up, move around, drink a glass of water, exercise. This must be done. If you miss an hour, spend twenty minutes away from the screen. Move. 

Yes, you can sacrifice your life in front of the computer hoping to get the competitive edge in eCommerce, but what does that help if you lose your health in the process of trying to earn a fortune? Unhealthy rich people can be the weakest excuse to live another day. Better to have your health, even if it takes a few more years to earn your share of the limited material resources on the planet. Your share. 

When anaZana began, the owners sat down for about three months and discussed what company values should be. It all boils down to values. Values that create balance in life. So do yourself a favor. Even though eCommerce can be extremely exciting, and gives you enough positive reinforcement to keep you going for hours on end... step out of the eCommerce world for 10 minutes every hour. Don't die of "sitting disease" while building your eCommerce empire. Stop and smell the roses.

I enjoy yoga, weight lifting, total gym, and running barefoot. Whatever your enjoy, get to it. The time you spend away from the computer, will actually make the time you spend in front of it much more productive, and enjoyable. 

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