Friday, July 20, 2012

Z Designers can apply now

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Are you a designer that is skilled using the anaZana platform to make websites with? Contact me at mick.malkemus at anazana dot com to submit your portfolio. If your work is of professional quality, we will include you on the "Z Designers" page. All work must be done using the anaZana platform. Thanks!

BTW, Only ten designers will be featured on the "Z Designers" page, and  staying on the page is subject to competitive production. The Designers that maintain the highest number of published sites will retain the top ten positions. All other designers will also be included in a list that is without photos. 

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Anonymous said...

How I can share this post with my Facebook and LinkedIn?

Mick Malkemus, MS said...

There is a Twitter and Facebook button at the bottom of the post. There is a Linkedin option on the top right of this blog, although it is not the easiest way to share....