Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sales professionals needed

Independent sales contractors needed for our growing company.

Our product and service is the creation and hosting of eCommerce websites. Our clients love their product and their service.

Work and Qualifications:

You  find customers and introduce them to us. You will sell and agree on price. We meet them in our beautiful downtown office, and take deposits and agree on final price.
How you find clients is entirely up to you: social media, outdoor sales, you name it. As a sales professional, you are in control of where and when you work. Total flexibility. Hence, this work requires a degree of self-motivation and an entrepreneurial spirit. You have to want to make money to be successful in this work. That said, it is realistic to make $4,000 a month working full or part time to start. After you grow your reputation, and start getting referrals, you can make far more. This will take time and business savvy.


Irrelevant, although a degree in multimedia or knowledge of websites and multimedia is helpful. Please make an account with http://www.anazana.com and become conversant with our product.

Length of position:

This work will last at least two years, and possibly much longer.


Sales compensation is in your favor. Why? We want to grow our business as fast as possible. We think the best way to do this is to motivate you with the highest possible commissions. You get half of the profit of every sale. When you procure a $300 dollar website site, you get $150. A $600 eCommerce site nets you $300. A $2000 eCommerce website nets $1000. No job too big. Custom sites require team work. You will get half of the profit left over after hiring team programmers and designers. You are responsible to file your own taxes. There is also passive income that you will be generating: $1 a month for every published site your help to generate. You can make %100 percent commission, if you make the website yourself, using our platform. Be advised, this is more work that selling the site, and you will likely make more money concentrating on sales. However, if you find making websites to be enjoyable creative work, this is an option for you. Money is paid after successful website completion. Passive incomes are paid after the site is published.


Mick Malkemus Cell: 619-729-3274
Lidija Skolnija Cell: 619-729-8386
anaZana Inc.
330 A Street
San Diego, CA

Not in San Diego? No problem. This opportunity can extend to any part of the world using Skype: mick.malkemus

Join the eCommerce revolution!

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