Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to properly pronounce "anaZana"

Before anaZana existed...

When we began the anaZana project, we needed a name for our URL. I spent about three hours using Wordle, mixing random letters I typed on a blank word document and Lorem Ipsum in order to find a new word that would be memorable and unique.

Up came the word anaZana by chance, and the name was accepted by the team. We got lucky, someone that owned the URL had allowed it to lapse that very day, and we got it.

People in Europe tend to pronounce it properly, but people in the US tend to pronounce it with a bastardized sound. I suppose I have no one to blame for this, as I never branded the sound properly. Today that changes. From this day forth, there will no longer be an excuse to speak the special word improperly, but to say it with the full power it was meant to have.

Wayne Dyer shared a mantra with the syllables 'ah' and 'om'. Maybe in the book "You'll see it when you believe it", although I cannot recall for sure. "Ah" as Dr. Dyer said, is a creative sound of the universe from the Sanskrit, full of power to change your life. "Ahhhhhhhhhh Ommmmmm". The "ah" sound  is full in the word anaZana. Like this: ah-nah-zah-nah. So anaZana can even be a mantra! :)

So please everyone, don't say "an-a-zan-a". It really sounds so lame. Say instead a word that is full of power: Ahhhhhhh-Naaaaaaah-Zaaaaaaah-Naaaaah...

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Anonymous said...

I like your explanation :)

Mick Malkemus, MS said...

Thanks. I think the pronunciation of anaZana is important. Anyone that does not pronounce it properly... well, I have to take full responsibility for not branding the word properly.