Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Newest Country Leader-board

Top Ten Pageviews by Countries... Game on!

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

1) Hello USA... still in first place
2) Привет, Россия...На втором месте,
догоняя США
3) Latvija saglabājot trešo vietu stāvoklis
4 )भारत दूसरे से आगे जगह मेंले जाता है?5) Deutschland Beibehaltung
fünften Platz ...
6) 日本は六位で初めて登場!
7) The "Land Down Under" makes
her appearance in 7th place
8) Brasil desce para 8 º lugar. :(
9) 中國,使她在第9位的外觀!
10)  อินโดนีเซียทำให้ลักษณะของเธอใน 10 จุด

I love this leader-board. It shows our respect for all countries, as anaZana has a world vision. anaZana eCommerce websites can work for anyone in any country, and it's only going to get better over time. 
Can't read something here? Use Google Translate. I am not a language expert, so if any natives have a better translation I should include, please comment. I apologize if any odd language combinations appeared, I tried my best. :) Google Translate is not perfect... yet.

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