Sunday, July 22, 2012

Administration language of anaZana eCommerce websites

Administrative languages of anaZana eCommerce websites

Currently, anaZana administration is in English, Russian, and Latvian. Latvian admittedly has a very limited use, yet we began in Latvia, and that is why Latvian is one of the main administrative languages. Our platform is used in over two hundred schools in Latvia as a part of our charity work

English and Russian 

are spoken all around the world, so we hope you can get by for now with one of these major languages. The future will bring other administrative languages. Which is the next language we should implement? Leave your choice in the comments area.

Sorry, I do not speak Russian or Latvian. If you speak either, and would like to translate any of this post, please do so in comments. I don't want to butcher your language on Google Translate. 

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