Friday, August 17, 2012

Passive incomes using anaZana

Making passive incomes in anaZana

An eCommerce website may be just what you need for making money online. Have you tried MLM and failed? Are you still looking for passive incomes online? AnaZana has what you are looking for. This is the concept of partner sharing. It includes an MLM mechanic, but is not MLM; in the same way that a game mechanic is not a game, an MLM mechanic is NOT MLM. Get it? Really? Now anaZana eCommerce websites have the proper tools to make money online. An affiliate program one MLM mechanic:

Our affiliate program can be thought of like owning dividend shares in a company without owning the shares: you still get the dividends. Ask Jim Cramer, dividends are one of the most attractive aspects of stock ownership. Think of your efforts to recruit new anaZana members as owning shares of "stock", that never changes the dividend, it's always the same! And you can't lose the "stock" if the market moves against you. Yeah, I've done that: watched as a WAMUQ went all the way to zero. Hurts, doesn't it?

Here's how it's done

1) Invite someone into the system.
2) Help them to create a website they are proud to show the world.
3) Collect monthly or yearly incomes when they publish (Real money in your pocket).
4) Scale this process over time, and earn more and more.

Forget about making money fast online. To do so holds the same promise of winning the lottery. Earning passive income with anaZana is something you can actually accomplish. It will take work, but the work is generally pleasant and satisfactory.

To be clear, anaZana is not an MLM opportunity, although some treat it as such. I have access to internal records at anaZana (proprietary, I cannot publish them, sorry). One marketing partner has made over $800 dollars in one year of effort, while the top marketing partner has made over $2000 dollars in one year.

Okay, maybe that doesn't sound like much. This is money they earned while they worked, and every month thereafter while they slept. And the amount will undoubtedly grow exponentially (to a point, this is NOT a pyramid scheme) as they grow their organization.

At the rate these folks are growing their incomes, within five years they will have a nice addition to their retirement accounts. Or travel the world, or whatever they wish. They will have some additional freedom in life.

Join the eCommerce revolution!

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