Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Market Your Ecommerce Site in 15 Minutes a Day

In talking with many solopreneurs and small business owners, I’ve learned that one of the biggest challenges they face is having the time to market their business. They’re busy fulfilling orders, working with clients and customers, networking, and other activities related to their business, so oftentimes the marketing part of their business gets put on the backburner.

Besides taking care of customers, marketing is one of the most important things you can do to increase traffic and revenue for your business. It’s not a one-and-done type of activity. Marketing is something that should be done consistently and everyday, even if your business is busy. For time-strapped ecommerce business owners, you can still carve out 15 minutes a day for marketing and have fun doing it.

The first step is to brainstorm and decide what marketing activities you will do each day. Find out where your target market hangs out online and make a list of the different places you will focus on.

Next, create a schedule of when you will do each marketing activity. Make sure to put it on your calendar and To Do list for each day. When it’s marketing time, turn off your phone, turn off the TV, and stay focused during those 15 minutes. And when you’re online, stay away from bright shiny objects that will try to distract you.

I would focus on one specific marketing area each day. For example, one day you focus on social media, the next day you focus on participating in LinkedIn groups, and another day you post on your blog. Have a plan and know exactly what you’re going to do for each day. If you are participating in social media marketing such as Facebook and Twitter, you can save time by scheduling posts throughout the day so you don’t have to login every few hours and get distracted.

15 minutes a day may not seem like much, but all those little things you do each day eventually add up. They key thing is to stay focused!

Maria Palma is the CEO of Studio 747 Media and online business coach. Want to learn more about marketing your business online? Visit Maria’s blog, Online Business Resources.

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