Friday, January 31, 2014

The Best Way to Attract Repeat Customers to Your eCommerce Business

It's been said that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers, but many businesses spend a great deal of time, energy, and money into acquiring new customers. Of course it's necessary to acquire customers, but why not delve into your own database of current customers and nurture the relationships you have with them?

There are many ways to stay connected with customers such as Facebook, Twitter, or a company blog, but in my experience as a business owner and being a customer of many businesses, I believe that a newsletter delivered via email is still the best way to stay in touch with current customers. People may log into their social accounts every now and then, but I don't know one person who doesn't check their email at least once a day. I definitely subscribe to the idea that email marketing is not dead.

You could send a weekly or monthly newsletter with updates on your services/products, promotions, or any information that your customers would consider valuable. The idea is that you want your customers to keep you "top of mind" when they need what you have to offer.

Did you know that anaZana has a feature so you can add a form to your site and gather email addresses for your mailing list?

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to add a newsletter block and fill in the template for your newsletter. Sending newsletters does require anaZana credits, which you can purchase through the Newsletter block as well.  The cost is 1 anaZana ($1) to send a newsletter to your list.

Do you currently use a newsletter for your ecommerce business? How has it been working for you?

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