Friday, September 7, 2012

Don't complain about a lack of online sales. Do something about it!

Lack of online sales?

Take responsibility for this, just as you would any other portion of your life. There is no magic bullet to making online sales with eCommerce, any more than there is one for sales on Main Street. A proactive stance is necessary to grow sales online.

Take a look at your content, your meta tags and keywords. Make sure they all work together. If you don't know what meta tags or keywords are, you'd better find out. 

Make sure your content has enough keywords sprinkled throughout, but not too many. Too few or too many are a cue to Google to rank your site lower in the search results. 
Make two pages saying almost the same thing, but with iterative changes. Find out which one brings in more views, and delete the other one. Start the process again. Keep improving over time until you are happy with the results. No one can do this for you, unless you have a large budget to work with. Even then, I doubt they will do as good a job as you can yourself, with a little initiative. 

Competition for customers exists everywhere, even on the Net. Especially on the Net. Compete wisely. Do the work, and get the sales. There is a lot to know, and effective information changes all the time. Keep up to date with new developments, and stay ahead of the curve.

Join the eCommerce revolution!

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