Sunday, September 9, 2012

The new affiliate program is almost here!

Our new anaZana payment structure

What we offer now...

When you invite someone to use the anaZana system, you earn 1 dollar for each 7 dollar hosting payment they make, every month.

What we will offer soon... ( I will post as soon as this is finalized)

  28 dollar plan = 4 dollar affiliate fee per month
  63 dollar plan = 9 dollar affiliate fee per month
126 dollar plan = 18 dollar affiliate fee per month
189 dollar plan = 27 dollar affiliate fee per month.

This is huge

So right now, we have the payment structure in place, and we are programming the affiliate system. Imagine the growth of anaZana once the big affiliate marketers grab onto this? In other words, you can make very good affiliate incomes for the next several years before market saturation. We are in the growth phase, and you can capitalize on it!

Join the eCommerce revolution!

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