Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The anaZana Team Is Growing

For the past month we've been working with students from San Diego State and UCSD who are helping us with business development and marketing anaZana to the local San Diego business community. Each student brings unique business skills and they have all presented a plethora of ideas on growing the anaZana brand.

anaZana interns at Co-Merge Workplace

anaZana team meeting

anaZana team meeting at The Living Room

We currently have a team in Latvia that recently participated in the Riga Nordea Marathon. They ran and helped promote anaZana in the process...

anaZana Latvia team at Riga Nordea Marathon

We're very excited about growing these relationships with our team members and sharing with you what we've learned from them!

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Linda Cepurite said...

Looking forward to run in San Diego anaZana Marathon :)