Saturday, May 24, 2014

anaZana: A Solution For Sellers/Manufacturers and Their Agents

One of the biggest challenges that you as a business owner or manufacturer is faced with on a daily basis is finding people who are interested in and want to buy what you have to offer. You may spend thousands of dollars a year on various types of ads - both online and offline - with very little ROI. However, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective way to get the word out about your business.

Why Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

Do you know how powerful word-of-mouth marketing is? Imagine having a team of people promoting your business for you without you having to sign them on as a “salesperson” or “employee”. You wouldn’t have to spend so much money on marketing and advertising, thus creating more time to actually help and serve your customers or develop more products/services. You could enlist people to promote your business for you and then pay them a commission for their sales.

If you have a great product or business, you probably already have loyal customers who are telling their friends and family about you. This is the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Nowadays we have social media, which can make this type of marketing even more robust.

anaZana Has a Solution

We have developed a platform where sellers/manufacturers and their agents, or affiliates, can do business together called Zpromocode.

As a seller you partner with people who will promote your products. After you register as a seller at, you create a profile where you can set how much commission you will give to your agent and discount you will offer the buyer. The Agent also registers at as an Agent, agrees with the commission you offer, and gets the promo code assigned to him/her.

After this is done you will need to generate a product link or HTML code and send it to the Agent. The Agent promotes your product anywhere on the Internet by sharing a link or inserting a promocode. (A Seller also can create a product using the system and promote it on the Internet, but he/she will generate a link or HTML code without the Agent’s Z promocode).

Generate Product page in

As an Agent of a seller you are given a specific code that you will use when promoting the seller’s products/services. When you sign up on, you can set up your profile and specify what types of products/services you are interested in selling.

You can promote the seller’s business anywhere online by inserting the link or HTML code including:

■ Your website
■ Any third party websites
■ Newsletter
■ Fliers
■ Classified ads
■ Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
■ Blogs

When a buyer buys the product from the product link everyone is happy. It’s a win-win-win situation:

- The Seller sells products with the Agent’s help
- The Buyer gets a special discount
- The Agent earns an agreed upon commission

For more information and to get started as a seller or agent, visit:

Have you had any experience with ONLINE word-of-mouth marketing for your business?

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