Monday, October 8, 2012

A message from anaZana's Chairman of the Board


Thank you for using anaZana services. We always think about your convenience, and most importantly about what would make your web site or online store achieve the goals that you have set, and help to grow your business.

I am glad to inform you that this year we have worked very well, and in the second half of October, we will begin a gradual upgrade of anaZana’s system functionality to improve your Internet commerce experience.

Since the current version will be completely replaced by a new one, before each run, we will prepare tutorials and detailed instructions posted in our website help section.

Before the New Year we plan to introduce more than 100 new features. Here are some of them:
- An updated interface for management of products;
- Export and import products in anaZana;
- Control of residual product in stock;
- Adjust the color, size and other options of available products;
- Search and filter products on the global store page;
- Management of stock and special offers;
- Additional methods of payment;
- Configure zones and methods of delivery;
- Management of tax, currency and more.

If you already have online store functionality and want to share your experience, please contact us with feedback, suggestions, or testimonials at

Thank you for using our services!


Ruslans Ruso Skolnijs
Chairman of the Board, anaZana, Inc.
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