Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mobile SEO needed for eCommerce?

Mobile eCommerce

Is mobile SEO needed or not for eCommerce?

Pro: mobile SEO

There is a blast in the proliferation of mobile devices. The omnipresent excellent tablet and phone now account for mostly 5% of traffic to client web sites. Over 60% of that traffic is directed from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) therefore consequently it’s very important that your mobile web site comes top of GOOGLE’s mobile Search Engine result Pages (SERP). You have to additionally maintain that page ranking and deploy ways to confirm best future ratings. FULL ARTICLE HERE

Con: mobile SEO

It may be that the extra programming needed for mobile computing may not be necessary at this stage of technological development. Most tablet devices and even many smart phones have HD capabilities or better. If you insist on having a mobile friendly site, simply create a site with minimal images and mostly text. This should work fine. Or create a separate page using "mobile format SEO" for keywords. This should suffice just fine.

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Harry Keane said...

Ecommerce sites should create a brand name for their online store before adding in the features and deals.Mobile SEO is necessary since it the online store may display in some devices and may not in other devices.
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