Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Christmas and eCommerce

Christmas and eCommerce

Christmas is just around the corner, and you still have time to make an eShop in order to sell more online. Or market your service to get more clients.

Service sites are much easier than eCommerce sites to make, and if you don't have a web presence,  you are likely on your way out of business and don't even know it. Why? Your competition does.

eCommerce sites require more necessary work: photos of products uploaded, key words and meta tags added to make the product searchable on the Internet. While it is more work, anaZana makes the process easy.

I don't know anyone that looks in the Yellow Pages anymore, do you? And the cost of a Yellow Pages ad is generally more than an eCommerce site, something that you have complete administrative control over!

Even if you can only write emails and search the Internet, you can administrate your anaZana eCommerce or Service site.

Even eBay stores are in the process of converting to full fledged individually owned eShops where owners call all the  shots, and earn the profits. (I'll share my research on this soon within six months in the form of a book).

Affordable, fast, with full support. 

Join the eCommerce revolution!

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